We are 1 year young and send a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO OUR LOYAL GUESTS, BUSINESS PARTNERS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, and EXCELLENT STAFF for joining us on this wild journey called AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL.  Blending a “Reality Game Show” Concept + Team, Drinking Conquests = Cabo’s Ultimate Party Evening and TripAdvisor’s #1 Nightlife Activity.  Every event is hilariously unique as AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL combines our zany, drinking challenges, puzzling clues to locate the “hidden” bars, and a team concept that creates competition and new friendships.  We celebrate each and every small goal we accomplish that continues to ensure our participants a rollicking night of AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL shenanigans.

When you follow your dream and love what you do there is nothing better than to share that “vision” with your guests.  We thank you all for making AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL a night time choice during your vacations, your special celebrations, your corporate events, or whatever brings you to Cabo.  AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL is very appreciative of your patronage and your EXCELLENT reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook.  The greatest reward is we have come to know you as friends and part of our AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL family!

We are smitten with Cabo and we hope you are too.  Cabo is an amazing destination and a vital community where family and friends offer help, support, encouragement, and love.  To everyone who has volunteered time, advice, and belief in AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL; we are forever grateful.  Next, we are thankful to the many businesses that became our partners.  Your commitment to greatness helped AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL become an exciting celebration of Cabo nightlife that delights and surpasses the expectations of those who take the challenge!  Bragging rights definitely come with our AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL STAFF…we know you are our ambassadors of FUN and the BEST STAFF in CABO; we are AMAZED by all you do!!

This is just the start so look for AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL to add more C-R-A-W-L nights each week, create special C-R-A-W-L events, and continue to develop different C-R-A-W-L routes for our repeat guests.  Extraordinary AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL opportunities are simply an imagination and drink away so check back often to see our latest antics!!


Kathi, Kyle, Diego and the AMAZING Crew