Spring Breakers & Student Groups

No Spring Break is complete until you are partying through Cabo on AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL; a “Reality Game” filled with puzzles and zany, drinking challenges.  Crack ancient, Aztec codes and match wits with other teams to find 12 secret, bar locations.  There is always laughter and a few surprises as you solve your next, baffling clue leading to another, yummy, drinking reward.  Have a blast and enjoy the shenanigans as you get closer to bragging rights at the AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL finish line.  It will take a crafty, competitive spirit, and help from the friendly Locals to be crowned the winner of AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL.  No worries the party continues, and you’ve earned more drinks!  Now it’s time to celebrate “SURVIVING” AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL and sharing in a comical slide show of the adventures with new friends.  Rock your Spring Break with the ULTIMATE PARTY on AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL; sign-up today!

Take the Spring Break challenge on AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL; TripAdvisor’s #1 Nightlife Activity or ALL-NEW AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL…DayMazing.  Discover why we are the perfect, year round choice for all 18+…ID required, student groups and the always FUN Spring Breakers.  AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL is a unique, drinking experience and moderate activity that will last an average of 2 – 3+ hours from orientation to celebration.  Teams of 2 – 4 are suggested for this drinking party…2 for MAXIMUM Drinking, 3 for a VERY Good Time, and 4 for MODERATE Drinking.  Groups choosing more than 4 people on a team will be assessed final, time adjustments of 10 minutes per extra person.  Reservations are recommended to secure your place on AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL.  For large groups of 20 or more; a private experience is available on AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL.  Please contact us for information on rates, dates, and times.  info@amazingcabobarcrawl.com

Compete for fun and laughter, Celebrate with friends, Create lifetime memories, join a Spring Break or Student Group Amazing Cabo Bar Crawl today!!